virkad tunika crochet tunic grey wool

I had some grey bulky yarn in my stash and since I just hade been knitting myself a sweater, I wanted to do something different. I crocheted a long tunic instead. I love these long warm sweaters, almost like winter dresses. I'm so frozen and these sweaters are so warm and cozy.

Pattern is my own design I started with eight large granny sqaures. I added a wedge in front and a wedge in back, as you do in medieval style clothes. Last, I made a body and added sleeves.

The long sweater drapes beautifully, because of the added wedges. I'm so pleased with the result.

I don't know why crocheting is so fascinating: I prefer crochet over knitting. Maybe because it's easier to create my own patterns and it's easier to expand the work, whatever way you want to go. Crochet with a bulky yarn is also really fast.

I used this simple diagram as a vision while working.