crochet tunic dress lace pattern virkad klänning tunika med spetsmönsterI'm a member of a Swedish Crochet Facebook group for us who crochet clothes: Vi som virkar kläder <3 One initiative is to crochet a dress and help each other alongthe way. It's called a r Crochet Along (= CAL).

The starting point was this pattern which was a sleeveless Summer dress. I also found another variety, which was the one I used for my tunic.

I used the yarn Alara Emerald Green från Yarn Paradise (50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic, 140 m/50 gram) and crochet hook 4,5 mm. It's a great yarn to work with: Soft and a nice structure to it.


The body is made in a simple pattern, which is one of my favourite pattern to crochet:
v1  1 dc in every dc and chain.
v2.1 dc, 1 ch, skip one dc.

The body came out a little bit too slim, so I just added an extra part along the armholes.


This is the diagram I used for the skirt.






I admit!
Just to show you that everyting doesn't come out perfectly the first time. When doing crochet you have to count, measure, crochet, measure again and then frog. This is how the body and skirt looked in i failed state. The lace pattern didn't come out as wide as the body part, so I frogged and added neede stitches to make it match.


Pictures during the work process