20150410_205509When you make your own clothes, not everything comes out as a success. Sometimes the result enters the closet, sometimes it enters the trash bin. It's yay or nay.

It has been a while, but now this will end up in the trash. I have frogged it a couple of times and redone it, but now it's over. Bye bye circle cardigan.

20150411_191736This is the patterna Drops 132-2. The patten was easy to follow and fun to crochet - it's only my body that doesn't fit the model.

Lesson learned: If you want to make a circle jacket or cardigan you have to make it very exact for you body. It has to fit perfectly. I measured my gauge, but when it was time to try the cardigan on,  it was far too big.

20150416_203110I wanted the front parts to cover more of the belly, and it came out quite nicely.

But when I tried on the half way ready cardigan, it looked just awkard. Too much material around the neck. My mental image was "pregnant penguin", which isn't very flattering. I think this model looks best if you're slim, but at least not plus size, as I am.

Just to get over it, and try something else.