crochet virkad cardigan kofta melerat rosa pink garn yarn virkgarn crochet thread

This Summer cardigan is made from av self-striping yarn in mercerized cotton from Yarn-Paradise named Almina. It's a lot like our normal 8/4 crochet  thread (#2-yarn) I used crochet hook 2,5 mm. I could have used a larger hook, but think that the striping looks best if I work with a smaller hook.

almina mercerised cotton color yarn paradise white pink lilac
This time I thought more function than design while working. I wanted the cardigan to be:


I made it like this:


I started with a square that I found in Novita's Summer Magazine 201520150711_113345This was my core piece for the back. I had to make it larger, since I was usuing a smaller hook than in the original pattern.

20150711_113356The shoulder part is just double crochets.


I kept on with the same pattern for the front pieces and left an opening for the armholes.


The shoulder seam.


The ending (down) at the back and front piece20150711_113236


sommarkofta summer cadigan cotton yarn bommullsgarn mercerized merceriserad self striping