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I think it's so difficult to crochet beanies - just an inch too much or too little makes a huge difference for fitting. I crocheted tighter than in the pattern and it is also difficult to measure the gauge exactly enough. Anyway, it turned out into a really nice beanie for my lovely daughter, which she is sporting in her alway positive way. The double crochet makes the beanie thick, fluffy and nice to wear. One side has a star pattern and the other one a squarish pattern.

The used yarn is Lamana Nazca in the colours cream and grey and it's from LouLous garner in Nora, Sweden. The yarn is wonderfully thick and soft and is 40% alpaca, 40% merino and 20% polyamid.garn yarn ull wool lamana nazcaThe pattern is  LAMANA 03 22.virkad vändbar mössa lamanaThe pattern is simpler than it looks. You crochet two layers of lattice (1 dc and 1 sc). The front layer is the grey lattice and the back layer is the cream lattice and the dc are shifted by one, so you can see the dc from the other layer through the open square. You switch colour each round. To connect the layers you pick up the dc in one of the squares. It's really a lot of fun seeing the pattern evolve while knitting.

There was a link in the pattern explaining the technique, but it was not that easy to understand how to create the stars on one side and the squares on one side.

The pattern says to crochet the dc in front or the back. It took me a while to figure out the technique.

Here is one row of stars made. The last grey round consists of all dc (with a sc between) in the front layer. You can clearly see the grey lattice pattern.


The next round is in cream and you shall crochet 3 dc in the back layer and 1 dc in the front layer. The dc in the front layer has to be crocheted through one of the open grey squares.


Once you have caught the yarn, finish the dc as normally.


Here you can see how the cream dc is made from the front.


This picture shows quite cleary that you are working with two parallell layers.



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