lång grön virkad ärmlös virkad klänning järbo 8/4 grön long sleeveless dress crochet cotton bomull yarn thread

My design ideas when I started this dress was:

järbo 8/4 merceriserat gasserat bomull granat granatgrön grön garn virkgarn crochet yarn thread

The yarn is my favourite crochet yarn Järbo 8/4 in the colour of emerald green. It's more a crochet thread and is so easy to work with. The colours are vivid and the yarn can be washed over and over again and still look nice. I used crochet hook 4.0 mm.

The choice of crochet hook was expremential since the recommended hook for this yarn is 2.5 mm. My idea was that since the dress was going to be quite large and made up from lots of yarn, it would be a good thing to keep it as light as possible. Cotton yarn is quite compact and heavy.  At start, I thought that the stitches were large and loose, but as I kept in working, it looked better and better. The dress is very soft and drapes nicely. It definitely doesn't fell heavy and seems to keep it's shape.

I used 12,5 50 gram skeins = appr. 2.125 meters of yarn.

I've used a V-stitch which is a really easy stitch to crochet, but still gives a really worked result with a nice structure.

Jag har enbart använt det som kallas för V-maska (V-sticht). Ett oerhört enkelt men effektfullt mönster:

The back of the body is done. It's done bottom up.


The front and back of the body has been sewn together.


The number of V-stictches should be odd, since I use the one in the middle for increase.

The skirt part is made top down. I ended the body with one row of dc.

v-maskor v stichtv-sticht crochet virka diagram pattern

Most of the skirt is done.


This is the increases. I made one increase in the middle stitch in front and back. It gives the dress a soft A-shape.