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turkos virkad klänning tunika ananasmönster turquoise peacock blue crochet dress tunic topp          turkos virkad klänning tunika ananasmönster turquoise peacock blue crochet dress tunic topp

My new Summer dress is ready (it's really a long top or tunic). It will be nice to wear over a long sleeved dressed or with a sleeveless top under.

20150110_110215I have used different diagrams found on the internet and remodeled them and kept on building as I went. I have frogged quite a lot, since my vision doesn't always come out right.

The yarn used is a #2 yarn/thread Bamboo Natural Light Turquoise (100% bamboo, 125m/50gram) and the crochet hook is 3,5 mm. I really, really love this yarn. It soft, shiny, feels like silk and the dress drapes beuatifully. The yarn is rather compact though and a little bit soo slinky sometimes. It's not as easy to crochet with as a normal mercerrized cotton thread, but the result is more elegant because of shine and softness. Bamboo is said to be environmental friendly as well.

I did like this:


The pinealpple pattern is from this cardigan/bolero.


This is how my design sketches look like! Drawn on our daily morning paper.



1. Ananasmotivet = The pineapple pattern
2. Kant för att få rätt bredd på överdelen = Section to get the correct width
3. Oket = the shoulder part.4. Kjolen = The skirt.


The back piece.



The skirt is made with help from this diagram (finns på sidan) but I adjusted it to fit with the body parts.

turkos virkad klänning tunika ananasmönster turquoise peacock blue crochet dress tunic topp

cocoon cardigan shrug koft shell pattern snäckmönster virkad mönster diagramcocoon cardigan shrug koft shell pattern snäckmönster virkad mönster diagramMy cocoon cardigan is finished. It was a really fun project to make and the result looks fine. The model is so easy to make and so variable.It is much easier to make than a circle cardigan and it actually fits much better. The pattern is so very easy.

I used an acrylic yarn and crochet hook 6 mm. Hints are to not use a yarn that is too heavy and use a quite large hook so the result doesn't come out too compact. The lighter the result is, the better the cardigan will fit and be easy to wear.

This is a diagram:cocoon granny shrug cardigan kofta pattern diagram crochetI used a shell-pattern, which is fun to make and looks very elegant and worked. I tried this pattern first, but thought it got too compact and heavy. The shell pattern looks nice, but the original is a real yarn eater. Instead, I made replaced every other double crochet with a chain stitch.
Original shell is: 7 dc.
My shell is: 1 dc, 1 ch, 1 dc, 1 ch, 1 dc, 1 ch,1 dc

My YouTube-video is here.

cocoon cardigan shrug koft shell pattern snäckmönster virkad mönster diagram square ruta

This is the final square. But is it really a square? Isn't it longer at one side? Yes, it's true. After seeing pictures of plus size ladies in a cocoon I decided that I didn't want to have a large piece of material hanging on the back, so I added an extra wedge at one side.  I made increases every third round.

cocoon cardigan shrug koft shell pattern snäckmönster virkad mönster diagramIf you fold away the wedge you can see that the result is squarish.cocoon cardigan shrug koft shell pattern snäckmönster virkad mönster diagramThe seams are sewn together. You can see that the back wedge is noticable visible. I left about 20 cm open space in the seam for the arms.
20150921_210637One sleeve is finished. I made the same shell pattern and fnished with a hem of crab stitches.
20150923_222716kräftmaskor virka crochet crab stitch cocoon trimming kant20150911_112738FB_IMG_1442383624779cocoon granny shrug cardigan kofta pattern diagram crochetcocoon granny shrug cardigan kofta pattern diagram crochet20150911_11301520150911_114833

Here you can see the difference of the increases for the corner (vanlig ökning för hörn), the wedge (ökning för att få en kil) and just ordinary shell pattern (vanligt mönster)




Just to increase your motivation and creativity: These are my trashed squares, before I decided to go with the shell pattern. Try your limits!20150908_181127

crochet top tunic virkad topp linne oblekt cable garn 12/3 merceriserad bomullThis is my daughter's Summer top in crochet thread. I have used what we call 24/2*3 (~12/3) cablé-thread in mercerized cotton, which is #1-yarn. I have used crochet hook 1,5 mm. The design is all me and it is made from the bottom to the top.

The thread is really thin, but it works up faster than you think because it's so easy to crochet. The thread glides easily so you work quite fast. The result is really nicely lacey and the shining is wonderful. It's so beautiful.
I don't know if I'll have the patience to make myself a whole dress in this thread, but the truth is that the thinner yarn - the more beautiful is the result.


2015-03-16 18.07.02

top mercerized mersericerad bomull 12/3 24/2*3 topp linne tunic crochetAnothe top in Fino Cablé (12/3-garn - 24/2*3) is ready. This time it's a present for my younger sister. Crochet is best when you use thread: You get a lacey elegant result and the mercerized cotton thread has a wonderful shine to it. The pattern is my own design.



röd klänning tunika bomull merceriserad 12/3 virkad red crochet tunic lace cotton yarn dressMy dress made from red crochet thread is finished! This crochet thread (12/3 (ca 340 m/50 gram) is most often used for doilies, but the thin mecerized cotton thread makes really lovely clothes - if you have the patience. I used hook 1,75 and appr. 425 gram yarn.

It's taken plenty of hours to finish this. I started the 2nd of April and finished the 10th of June, which is an eternal for me. I am a fast crocheter and used to finish a sweater in about 2 weeks. The dress is so light and nice - weighs almost nothing.

virkett röd virkgran 12/3 crochet thread yarn redI found the thread on SALE and it's Virkett 12/3. It's so nice to work with: The thread glides easily over the hook and the shining is beautiful. The result is really lacey and it's very comfortable to wear.

röd klänning tunika bomull merceriserad 12/3 virkad red crochet tunic lace cotton yarn dressThe pattern is simple: I started with a large pineapple square and kept working on it. This is the basic sqaure, which I found somewhere on the intenet.

The start:

wpid-wp-1427962608937.jpgThe front is almost finished.

20150409_180524These are the first pineapple squares: One is finished and one is half finished. These will be the core of the front and back body.

20150425_170106The back and front are sewn together. The shoulders and neck line is also finished.

The trimming of the neck line is a couple of rows of single crochets.

20150610_190552The skirt: