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crochet tunic top dress bamboo yarn virkad topp tunika klänning bambugarn bambuMy black tunic in bamboo yarn is finally finished. It has been a lot of work, but the result is a so very soft clothing to wear. It's more or less hopelessly to crochet in black - you have to be placed in direct lamplight. I cuddle up in the sofa to get the most out of our living room lamp. But when finished - black is so smart looking and so wearable. I love black clothes - but I do not want to crochet them

The yarn is Tropical (50% Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 25% Dralon, 140 meter / 50 gram) .It's great to work with and use crochet hook 5 mm.

Bambu yarn is said to have almost the same qualities as cotton, but it's better for environment. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterial, absorbs well and is wonderfully soft against the skin.

I did like this:

  1. The foundation row for the body is a chainless foundation treble crochet (see below).
  2. The body is made by linked treble crochet (see below).
  3. Sew the shoulder seams.
  4. Sew the side seams up to the armholes.
  5. Made the skirt part.
  6. Made the sleeves.

20141011_124911 - Edited
Chainless Foundation Single Crochet

You can search for the technique at YouTube. The instruction videos often use single crochets as example, but you can use this technique with any sort of crochets (single, double, treble) and even linked crochets.

linked double treble crochet länkade stolpar dubbelstolpar

Linked double crochet

When you chan your double crochets, you get a more steady result, almost totally covering and hardly any wholes to see through.
Instructions can be found at YouTube.

crochet hexagon top sweater virkad tröja av sexkanter

I found a such smartly designed children cardigan. I liked the idea using hexagons instead of the usual (granny) squares. Crochet is so creative since you kan start with a small piece of work, and slowly build it up to the size and shape you need. I made a sweater out of this patter, but I could easily have done a (buttoned) cardigan instead. The basic principles are the same.

This is a diagram to visualize the principles:

Green = the hexagon
Blue = added trims to get enough width, length and a neckline.

Sexkanttröja - crochet hexagon top sweater virkad tröja av sexkanter - diagram

I did like this:

  1. Crocheted two hexagons of the same size.
  2. Folded the hexagons into two "L":s
  3. Sew the seam of the sleeve (from neck to wrist).
  4. Sew the front- and back seam (left some extra open for the neck line)
  5. Added a skirt.
  6. Added lenght to the sleeves.

The yarn is Merino Gold Batik in white, pink and blue. I used hook nr 4,5 mm.

20141007_144816There are plento of children's hexagon sweater paterns which you can use as basic isntructions for an adult version.

crochet hexagon top sweater virkad tröja av sexkanter

hexagon kofta sweater jacket

I've started at a hexagonsweater for myself. It's exciting to see if will be a thumbs up or thumbs down, i.e. wearable or for the trash. Love the colours though!

virkad tröja kofta crochet jacket sweater top hexagonIt's slowly proceeding with the hexagonsweater. It sometimes look like a completely fail and sometimes I just think: "Wow - the colours are gorgeous!" But it's slowly forming into a sweater.

vit virkad topp med mönster från Drops / crochet top

I've been productive this Summer. This top is in cream (off-white) coloured cotton yarn and I made it for my younger sister.

The yarn is Drops Muskat. It's an incredible beautiful mercerized cotton yarn with a nice shine. The basic pattern is from Drops 153-14, but I didn't do the buttoning.

I think the result is a nice little top, but it didn't come out as expected. Since I couldnmy younger sister wasn't around, so I could take measuers I followed the pattern closely. The top is lim fitting, not loose as in the picture of the pattern, and the sleeves are very wide. The top feels kind of heavy because of the heavy cotton yarn.

I tried to make Drops 136-30, but I was never successful in finding the right gauge. I crochet much looser than the Drop's people do. 

vit virkad topp med mönster från Drops