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Virkad topp frihandsvirkning / crochet short sleeved top made of large granny squaresI had yarn left over from my Summer top. I couldn't decide what to do with the rest of the yarn, but since my mother got so fond over my top I decided to do one for her, too.

The yarn is Summer from Yarn-Paradise and is 30% viscose och 70% mercerized cotton. I used the crochet hook 3,5 mm (the yarn is 350 m/100 gr).

I started with 8 squares in pineapple-pattern (pineapple granny square): 4 squares for the front and 4 for the back. I crocheted them toghether for 2 large squares. I then built with more work around these squares in order to make it as wide and long as I needed.

virkad topp i sommarfärger frihandsvirkning och mönster från Järbo / crochet short sleeved sweater shirt

My crochet Summer top was ready while the weather was still hot. The pattern is partly Järbo 91359 and partly my own design.

The yarn is Summer from Yarn-Paradise and is 30% viscose and 70% mercerized cotton. I love the colour combination and firstly fell in love with the yarn and then had to find something to do from it. The yarn has a nice shine to it and lasts long. (350 m/100 gr). I used crochet needle 3,5 mm.

rosa virkad tröja klänning tunika pink crochet tunic top dressI had lots of yarn left from my daughter's pink cardigan. It's a really nice yarn to work with, so i decided to make a long tunic to me also. 

The plan was to use Bohus-squares and then continue with the starting lattice-pattern.The pink squares are the Bohus-squares and the lilac shows the lattice pattern from the middle of the square.

Framstycke = Front
Bakstycke = Back
3 varv fasta maskor = 3 rounds of single crochets.
Galler = Lattice

virkad tröja tunika klänning av bohusrutor bohusstjärnor crochet sweater top dress granny square

rosa virkad tröja klänning tunika pink crochet tunic top dress

virkad tunika crochet tunic grey wool

I had some grey bulky yarn in my stash and since I just hade been knitting myself a sweater, I wanted to do something different. I crocheted a long tunic instead. I love these long warm sweaters, almost like winter dresses. I'm so frozen and these sweaters are so warm and cozy.

Pattern is my own design I started with eight large granny sqaures. I added a wedge in front and a wedge in back, as you do in medieval style clothes. Last, I made a body and added sleeves.

The long sweater drapes beautifully, because of the added wedges. I'm so pleased with the result.

I don't know why crocheting is so fascinating: I prefer crochet over knitting. Maybe because it's easier to create my own patterns and it's easier to expand the work, whatever way you want to go. Crochet with a bulky yarn is also really fast.

I used this simple diagram as a vision while working.



This is the same pattern, the same size of hook 3,5 mm, but different yarns. To the left is a 100% bamboo yarn (125 m/50g) and to the right is a mixed yarn in cotton/acrylic (130 m/50g). Quite a difference although the specs looks almost the same, when it comes to meters/gram.

I often say that the thinner the thread, the more beautiful crochet. Even though thinner yarn is more time consuming.

I gave up the work with both these two rounds since I didn't like the outcome of either of them.