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purple crochet sweater cardigan lila virkad kofta utan knäppning omlottI made my mother in law an early christmas present. Thought she needed something to warm her during the cold winter. A large shawl felt too clumsy so instead I made her an open unbuttoned cardigan that is easy to wear over any other clothing. The yarn is alpaca wool and the colour is dark purple and much more beuatiful in real life than from a picture taken indoors in bad lightning at a winter evening in December.

The pattern is an easy but nice lattice:
1 dc, 1 ch skip one ch.

The trimming around the front and the sleeves is formed by starting every round with 5 dc and then continue with the lattice-pattern.

The cardigan is made from one piece and feels realy light and have no uncomfortably seams at shoulder or armholes.

Vikning för axel=Fold for shoulder
Höger och vänster framstycke ligger omlott=Right and left front is covering each other.

crochet sweater cardigan diagram virkad kofta omlottkofta diagram

The yarn is Master Alpaca Purple (25% Alpaca, 25% Merino Wool, 50% Acrylic, 175 m/50 gr) and  is from Yarn-Paradise.  I used crochet hook 4,5 mm.wpid-20141129_111458.jpg

I think I'm not the only person ot being able to get the right tension or gauge when doing crochet or knitting. Sometimes I don't use the same yarn as in the pattern and sometimes I does not work as tight or loose as described. I have made a little script to help calculating how many stitchtes you need.

The page can be found here. It also comes an Android app.


20150410_205509When you make your own clothes, not everything comes out as a success. Sometimes the result enters the closet, sometimes it enters the trash bin. It's yay or nay.

It has been a while, but now this will end up in the trash. I have frogged it a couple of times and redone it, but now it's over. Bye bye circle cardigan.

20150411_191736This is the patterna Drops 132-2. The patten was easy to follow and fun to crochet - it's only my body that doesn't fit the model.

Lesson learned: If you want to make a circle jacket or cardigan you have to make it very exact for you body. It has to fit perfectly. I measured my gauge, but when it was time to try the cardigan on,  it was far too big.

20150416_203110I wanted the front parts to cover more of the belly, and it came out quite nicely.

But when I tried on the half way ready cardigan, it looked just awkard. Too much material around the neck. My mental image was "pregnant penguin", which isn't very flattering. I think this model looks best if you're slim, but at least not plus size, as I am.

Just to get over it, and try something else.


Crocheting samples as so boring... And I'm always getting less stichtes / 10 m than Drops.