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babyfilt baby blanket Crochet Square blanket pattern shell fan stitchesI have made my very first baby blanket. The size is about 36" (92 cm) from side to side (it's a square). I crocheted in Järbo Elise creme and used the crochet hook 4.00 mm. I used about 10 skeins (appr. 168 m). The yarn is wonderful to work with and gives a really soft result - perfect for a baby.

I found the basic pattern at MyPicot.Com.

The edging is a simple row of crab stitches.

babyfilt baby blanket Crochet Square blanket pattern shell fan stitches

virkad mormorsruta block stitches granny square crochet

I'm playing around with granny squares and I'm very fond of the one made of block stitches.

This one is made of two colours: Turquoise and white. I've marked the different stitches in the picture.
virkad mormorsruta block stitches granny square crochet diagram pattern



lång grön virkad ärmlös virkad klänning järbo 8/4 grön long sleeveless dress crochet cotton bomull yarn thread

My design ideas when I started this dress was:

  • An illusion of fabric and not crochet. Crochet work is often made up from lots of smaller parts, but I wanted this dress to look more "sewn" than "crocheted".
  • Medieval inspired. I love those medieval clothes since they are so flattering for us plus size women. I wanted to make some sort of sleeveless dress that is so commonly used.
  • Long! I wanted the dress to be floor length since I love long dresses. I left some space to the floor since crochet things have a tendency to stretch.

järbo 8/4 merceriserat gasserat bomull granat granatgrön grön garn virkgarn crochet yarn thread

The yarn is my favourite crochet yarn Järbo 8/4 in the colour of emerald green. It's more a crochet thread and is so easy to work with. The colours are vivid and the yarn can be washed over and over again and still look nice. I used crochet hook 4.0 mm.

The choice of crochet hook was expremential since the recommended hook for this yarn is 2.5 mm. My idea was that since the dress was going to be quite large and made up from lots of yarn, it would be a good thing to keep it as light as possible. Cotton yarn is quite compact and heavy.  At start, I thought that the stitches were large and loose, but as I kept in working, it looked better and better. The dress is very soft and drapes nicely. It definitely doesn't fell heavy and seems to keep it's shape.

I used 12,5 50 gram skeins = appr. 2.125 meters of yarn.

I've used a V-stitch which is a really easy stitch to crochet, but still gives a really worked result with a nice structure.

Jag har enbart använt det som kallas för V-maska (V-sticht). Ett oerhört enkelt men effektfullt mönster:

The back of the body is done. It's done bottom up.


The front and back of the body has been sewn together.


The number of V-stictches should be odd, since I use the one in the middle for increase.

The skirt part is made top down. I ended the body with one row of dc.

v-maskor v stichtv-sticht crochet virka diagram pattern

Most of the skirt is done.


This is the increases. I made one increase in the middle stitch in front and back. It gives the dress a soft A-shape.



virkad ultraviolett lila klänning järbo vinga crochet purple dress

This purple winter dress will be warm and cosy to wear during the coming cold winter days. It's long enough to cover the knees but the sleeves are only 3/4 length. I usually do full length sleeves, but crocheted items has a tendency to stretch quite a lot. I also was a bit scarce of yarn, so prioritized the lenght of the dress before the sleeves. The shorter sleeves look quite elegeant and gives the dress a nice look, so I think it'll workout fine.

The yarn is Vinga fom Järbo in the colour ultraviolet. I used 10 skeins (each skein is 100 grams = totally 1900 m) and I used crochet hook 6.00 mm. The yarn is really soft and easily to work with. The colour is amazing in real life and will surey do more crochet with this yarn.

järbo vinga garn ultraviolett purple lila yarn

Here is the dress almost finished and draped over the sofa so I can get an overview.


The body is made from block stitches. I wanted a really tight pattern so I crocheted these two rows:
Row 1: Chain 2, 1 sc between every third dc.
Row 2: 3 dc in each space.

Below the body is a part of dc and bows.


The skirt is the same pattern as the sleeves (see below).
Row 1: All dc. (i.e. 1 dc in next dc, 1 dc in space)
Row 2: 1 dc in next dc, 1 ch, skip 1 dc

I ended the skirt with a frill to give the dress a sweeter and softer look. The frill itself is made from an easy lattice pattern:
1 dc, 1 ch


To create the frill effect I doubled the number of stitches at the last row of dcs:
In every dc: 1 dc, 1 ch.


The edging of the frill is exatcly the same shells as in the sleeves (see below)


The sleeve's pattern consists of two repeated rows:

Row 1: All dc. (i.e. 1 dc in next dc, 1 dc in space)
Row 2: 1 dc in next dc, 1 ch, skip 1 dc

The edging is a row of shells:
5 dc in the same dc, sc in the next dc


Here is the how the sleeve and the body is connected.


I'm not all that happy with the neck lining. It wasn't easy to get it smooth and rounded since I hade reduced the number of stitches in a way that made the edge looking chopped. I made two rows of sc and filled the gaps with dc and hdc. It would have been better to make the decrease smoother, but the result looks good enough.






This will most likely be my favourite dress #1 during the coming winter. It's long, it's soft and it's MINT GREEN! It has taken so many hours to finish this and there were moments when I thought I'd never finish it. But now it's done. I have used 3,5 km of yarn (10 skeins of 100 grams each = 1 kg yarn. The hook is 4.00 mm.

The yarn is  Super Baby Mint Green från Yarn Paradise (100% Baby Acrylic, 360 m/100 g). It's soft and nice to work with and fill up well even though it's only look quite thin.


I started out with this pattern (tunic dress with flare), which I have bought at  Ravelry. However, I had to adjust the pattern quite a lot, since it seems to have been made for a short and wide person (I'm tall and wide). First I prolonged the body. When I started with the skirt and followed the pattern the skirt increased quickly in width and gave almost a ballerinalike look to the skirt. It's not very flattering for a plus size +50 woman. Therefore, I made the skirt slimmer but it's still swingy. The last rounds on the skirt took ages to finish, so it's wide and full enough. I also prolonged the skirt since the pattern only was knee length, even though it looks full length at the picture.

When the body and the skirt part was done, I had to figure out what sleeves to make. The original pattern shows short sleeves, but I wanted something longer, to go with the yarn and the model. This is a sketch I made trying to decide.


I decided to make 3/4-lengt sleeves.


The lining around the neck is very simple.


The body part is just dc and the beginning of the skirt is v-stitches.


Here you can see the increases by adding sc, which made the skirt go smoothly wider.


The finishing pineapple pattern of the skirt.


Even though it felt like a never ending project, I do want to make yet another one, but with another yarn. Since it's so much work involved I almost regret using an acrylic yarn, which doesn't last as long as a more expensive yarn in cotton, wool or silk. I think this model will be very elegant using a high quality cotton yarn or silk yarn.