pebble time 2 core kickstarter 2016

Just as I've bought myself a Pebble Time Steel, Pebble releases new models at kickstarter. Kickstarter means that you reserve a watch before it's produced, hence guarantee the sale for the company. On the other hand, I couldn't have waited for a new Pebble during half a year, since the new models aren't shipped until next autumn.

Pebbles new models have a health focus and comes with a heart rate monitor and a larger display than before at the Time 2 (i.e. the old Time Steel). They also release a small GPS unit called Pebble Core, which you can wear while jogging not having to carry around your phone for tracking. Pebble also announces updated software. I haven't been able to understand if the old models also will get the new version of the software, but I do hope so.

It's a couple of really nice watches that are released, and I sure would love to upgrade. However, I can't motivate myself to put in that amount of money again. I don't really need the heart rate monitor, but I would have appreciated the larger screen. I will wait until the Time 2 is in the store later on. Although, I still think that the Pebble 2 (which looks as the original Pebble) is the coolest model of them all.

Here is a chart to technical compare the different Pebble models.