bakgrund klocka smartwatch pebble watchface

Pebble has an open source approach, i.e. they urge the users to develop own applications for the smartwatch. There's a site for those who'd like to create their own apps for Pebble: Pebble Developers, with tutorials and guidelines.

A lot is written in C, which I should know, but it's a while since I developed in a large project. A quicker way to create my own watchface is to use any of the web based tools. I prefer: your own picture, decide how your time will show up, which date format to use etc. Download the file (I mailed the file to the phone and downloaded it from the mail app. The file ends with .pbw)

The present version only handled black and white watchfaces, but there is a testversion for colour.

So, start creating you own personal watchfaces!