I have had problems connecting my Panasonic Lumix TZ80 with my mobile phone (Nexus 5X) and started to get a bit frustrades. So frustrated that I even thought about contacting the support. The camera did make contact to my phone, but I was not able to get the menu on the camera for chosing pictures to send to the phone. Neither was I able to connect to any cloud service.

When you call the support, the first question is always if you have updated to the last version. I surfed to Panasonic's support page and there was an update to version 1.1 of the firmware (I had 1.0 installed). I followed the instructions and the update went without problems.

If I recall correctly, I did this:

  1. Download the file from Panasonic.
  2. Extract the file and you will get a .bin file.
  3. The camera has to be 100% charged.
  4. Remove the memory card and put it into a computer.
  5. Put the .bin-filen at root level on memory card.
  6. Put the memory card back into the camera again.
  7. Start up the camera in PLAY mode and follow the instructions. Do not touch any buttons during once the update has started!
  8. The camera will shut down by itself when the update is done.
  9. Format the memory card (or at least remove the .bin file)

Now, it works really nice to connect my mobile phone by Panasonic Image App to my TZ80 and transfer on or more pictures. It's fast too.

Still have to figure out how to access the Lumix Club or any other cloud service. Still haven't nailed that.