I suppose you have activated 2-step-verification on your accounts? Both Google, Apple, Microsoft and many other web sites offer this feature for extra login security. When this feature is activated your password is not enough for login. You will also need to enter a PIN code before your login is accepted. In regards with all the hacked accounts and leaked passwords, it's an easy step to add better security to you accounts.

At Android there is an app for Google and one for Microsoft. (I have no idea hwo it works on iPhone and iOS...). Microsoft's apps on Android is seldom a hit and I don't want to use two apps for the same task. I googled and realized that it's possible to add other accounts than Google's to their Google Authenticator app.

To add a Microsoft account into your Google Authenticator you do this:

  1. Log in to
  2. Under "Account Security" choose "More security settings".
  3. Remove the old app by clicking at "Turn off existing apps"
    google authenticator microsoft azure
  4. To add Google Authenticator choose: "Set up identity verification app".
  5. Choose "Other".skarmklipp-161122-1948
  6. You will see a QR code (called "bar code" below). skarmklipp-161122-1951
  7. Open the Google Authenticator app on your phone. Press the red symbol down right to add a new account.
  8. Choose the first line with the camera symbol, i.e."Read the bar code".
  9. Let the mobile's camera read the QR code.
  10. You will get a new one time password from the app which you should enter after "Code generated by app". Click "Next".
  11. You are now ready to use Google Authenticator with your Microsoft account.