Rani Grönberg hereby declare the foundation of the Cyber Malamute Obedience Club (CMOC)

Apart from ”standard” rules, the club also states that:

  1. All shows are to be held outside.
  2. Shows are cancelled if it’s warmer than 0 C (above freezing point).
  3. All obedience activities are cancelled during the Summer.
  4. Hot dogs, ham, bacon, liver etc are regarded as necessary training tools.
  5. Hot dogs, ham, bacon, liver etc and any kind of food are allowed as rewards during official shows in unlimited amounts.
  6. Woooo-woooooing during heel, long stay etc gives extra points.
  7. Tricks to please the audience, like: extra jumps over the ”jump”, stealing the ring-stewards sandwich, starting every heel with a big leap into the air etc are definitely giving extra points.
  8. All exercises including the command ’fetch’ are forbidden.
  9. A new exercise with the dumbbell will be added: ”Grab and run!”

Present members (1996-03-15)

Rani – president
Glenda – secretary (since the house-hold only consits of two (more or less) Malamutes and Glenda has a good potential for being a good polar dog: Eager for food, thick isolating coat, digs, chews, loves to cuddle and doesn’t always obey instantly)
Zilba – treasurer

Maria – after an evening at the club when it was freezing cold, and everyone else complained about how cold it was but Rani – sweet beautiful Rani – was having one of those days when she heeled, and did all other commands too, like a Border Collie in a Malamute’s disguise.

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